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Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letters are individually cut around the edges, and do not have a "background color". We recommend using white or yellow lettering for windows, because windows look dark on day light, as you can see on the pictures below.
Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs offers many different types of sign-age for may different businesses and leisure. Some of the basic products are vinyl lettering, signs, vinyl banners, decals or stickers, apparel, customized gifts and various accessories. Each of these categories break into more categories. Create any all types of vinyl lettering with our design and lettering tools.
Custom Vinyl Lettering breaks down to vinyl letters or vinyl lettering witch could be basically used for any type of surface to get your message across.
Wall Lettering Vinyl wall lettering is a new and great idea to spruce up a room in your home. Some people like to put famous quotes on a wall with the coloring and font style that goes with the space. Vinyl wall lettering could also be used children's names in there bedroom or playroom. There are endless ways to use wall lettering in a home. In a place of business vinyl could be used as a directional tool to help visitors or new employees around the office. Vinyl letters are basically custom decals that you could apply anywhere. 

Vinyl Boat Lettering
or Personal Watercraft Lettering is major area for boaters, with the high cost of boating you could keep your costs down by creating your own vinyl boat lettering here on Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs. Create your vinyl boat lettering add a graphic or upload your own image for your boat or personal watercraft. Vinyl boat lettering which is offered on Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs. is a great way to display your passion for boating. One less hassle for boating. We also make it easy to create your boat registration numbers. Along with your vinyl boat lettering for the name and port of your boat you could order your vinyl boat registration numbers very easily on Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs.

Vehicle & Window lettering
is another great area on Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs. Window letters are another very important form of advertisement for a business. lettering for business or home. You could even decorate a custom message in vinyl lettering for your window during the holidays or window lettering could be used to support your local team and welcoming someone home. Of course for business vinyl window lettering could be used for many purposes. Special sale, phone number, company name hours of operation... You know there are endless ways to use vinyl window lettering in a business. 

are a very important part of every business and sometimes you can't wait for your local sign shop to get your signs done quickly and the way you want them.  We offer Aluminum signs which are great for a more permanent sign. You could put your aluminum sign on posts, a building or on a fence. An aluminum sign gives a more finished feel to a sign. We also offer custom license plates. Now these custom license plates are more for fun or whats known as vanity plates. In states where you do not need a registered plate on the front you could use a custom license plate. All the same features apply with the license plates and most of our products at Universal Sport Screen Printing & Signs. Some like to put there name, hobby, favorite place or anything you are proud of on your new custom license plate. Another very popular type of sign we sell are magnetic signs. Magnetic signs are great for business because you move the magnetic sign from vehicle to vehicle. A lot of clubs an organizations use magnetic signs for there members. Most of our signs use vinyl lettering and in most cases full color digital printing on vinyl.

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